Green Rural Development Organization

Infrastructure Development

Since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its subsequent reaffirmation at the 1996 UN Habitat Conference, adequate shelter for all has been recognized as a basic human need. Pakistan has been facing shortfall of about six million housing units. In 1998, there were 19.3 million housing units nationwide with an average of 6.8 occupants. Surveys indicate that 40% of the population of Sindh is chronically poor. This mammoth proportion of population, which is scarcely able to arrange two square meals a day, is unable to purchase houses for their family. More than 80% of rural workers do not own their homes; they live under the age-old feudal system, which does not grant them right to shelter.

In this regard, GRDO aims to strive for the ownership rights of peasants and agricultural workers on houses. GRDO takes efforts to get all human settlements that are situated on the state land of any kind held by any civil and non civil government departments/institutions, in rural area, be registered. Moreover, GRDO aims to help out communities to construct and manage Community Infrastructure projects which are actually their basic prioritized needs. Low cost housing for peasants, agricultural workers and daily wage labour is top priority of GRDO’s programmatic theme of Infrastructure Development under Social Development. Provision of basic WASH facilities is also priority area of GRDP’s infrastructure development program.

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