Green Rural Development Organization

Emergencies and Disaster Management

Climate change is an emerging threat for our planet. It has manifested in disasters of unpredictable frequency and intensity in different parts of world. Sindh is facing multitude of impacts ensuing from climate change phenomenon. The Super Floods of 2010 and the cyclones of 1999 and 2007 are grim reminders of the fact that we are negotiating a serious challenge posed by climate change. About 90% of the natural disasters in Sindh are due to the changing climate. The most alarming thing is that the frequency of these natural disasters is going up with 60% occurring in the past ten years. The region/province is susceptible to wide-ranging hazards from droughts to floods to earthquakes to cyclones.

Disasters and calamities are among the sources of poverty. Disasters ruin the lives, snatch the livelihood means and destabilize the whole society. No social development program can overlook the disasters. Geographically and socio-politically, many areas in the country are highly prone to both natural and man-made disasters. Emergency relief is a vital part of GRDO’s work to create lasting solutions to poverty. Poor communities/peasants/agricultural workers lack the basic resources to cope with the struggles of everyday life. When disasters strike, that struggle becomes all but impossible without external assistance. GRDO is committed to help communities recover and rebuild after disaster strikes.

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