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Article A-25 of the Constitution ensures compulsory and free primary education to children aged 5-16, while Articles 37-B and 38 of the second chapter of the 1973 Constitution, also guarantee free basic education. The Article 26 (1) of the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights guaranteed (in 1948) that every human has right to basic education. Article 28 of the Universal Charter of Children’s Rights in 1989 accepted that all children have right to basic education. The second target of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs designed in April 2000) include basic education for 100% of the world by 2015 but this target remains unachievable in many parts of the underdeveloped world such as Pakistan.

The reason for the deterioration of education in government schools in Pakistan, especially primary and secondary education, is that the standard of educational expenditure set by the UNESCO is minimum 4% of the GNP, but Pakistan during last 66 years has been spending on an average only 2% of the GNP.

The state of education in Sindh is best reflected in its literacy figures and in the serious disparity between rural and urban areas. The Sindh has the largest number of ghost schools in the country and thousands ghost teachers draw government salaries. The education sector in Sindh is faced many challenges; major being very low enrolment level, rural and gender disparity, and low level of quality education.

Besides, the alarming fact that there is a large number of out of school children, even those in the systems are not performing and learning outcomes are less than optimal. There are also issues of large number of closed schools and poor infrastructure in functional schools.

In light of worst conditions of education systems, quality and infrastructure, GRDO has put its special concentration over educational awareness with particular focus on girls’ education. GRDO Education program aims to strengthen existing schools system to bring socio-economic and sustainable development in the region. The focus of the GRDO is centred chiefly on improving education standard at primary and secondary levels and providing extra curriculum opportunities to address the needs of youth in rural and remote areas.

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