Green Rural Development Organization

Community Mobilization

Community Mobilization is an approach that enables people to organize for collective action, by pooling resources and building unity required to resolve common problems and work towards community advancement. In this regard, GRDO facilitates a process that empowers women and men to organize their own democratically self-governing grassroots level institutions which enable them to initiate and control their own personal and collective development. GRDO focuses more on organizational development, capital formation for sustainable development through capacity building and socio-economic development. GRDO initiates processes through which communities are sensitized for a positive change and wellbeing. GRDO uses community mobilization as tool to motivate marginalized, ignorant and poor communities to bring them in mainstream.

GRDO Community Mobilization is aimed at creating a major thrust to solve problems of national magnitude by promoting participation of all possible sectors and civil society, mobilization of local resources, use of indigenous knowledge and enhancement of people’s creativity and productivity through mass campaign.

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