Green Rural Development Organization

Board Of Directors

GM Sahito


Mr. Gul Muhammad
female Ms. Farhana
Vice President
 bisharat Bisharat
General Secretary
Bisharat Ali Lanjwani is lecturer and teaching at the Department of Political science university of Sindh,  jamshoro since 2009. After completing his MSc (political studies ) from Quaid e Azam university,  Islamabad in 2005 he worked with GRDO where he worked as project coordinator for a bonded Labour eradication program.  During that period he visited Brazil in 2008 to understand the efforts of Brazilian government’s policy regarding bonded Labour program. After that Mr. Lanjwani joined PILER Karachi and worked there as project coordinator for an Antislavery funded project for one year. He then joined university of Sindh as teacher and currently working as same. He is author of 10 research reports on Labour issues.  He is also doing his Ph.D on brick kiln industry and ILO Labour standards.
 male Ghulam Rasool
Joint Secretary
Mr. Ghulam Rasool is a qualified male nurse, he had earned two master’s degrees from university of Sindh, one of Islamic studies and other in economics. He is working as Public Relation Officer @ rural health center Bhit Shah, due to his commitment to his duties and resolving issues of patients, people of the area with respect call his mama which means maternal uncle, Mr. Ghulam Rasool is one of the founder members of GRDO and remained part and parcel of GRDO activities since its inception.
 male Mehar Khan Malokani
 Ex Drctr Ghulam Hyder
Founder & Ex- Officio Secretary BOD
Mr.Ghulam Hyder long standing human rights and political activist, Mr.Hyder remained part of Movement for Restoration of Democracy MRD and was jailed for some time. In 1988, he along with other comrades struggled and got freed 40 bonded Peasant families in District Sanghar. He started his career as Development Professional in 1997 by establishing Sindh Abadgar Welfare Association which struggled against Sugar Mills for proper rates of Sugar Canes. In same year he established Villagers association for welfare Jamalshah and Founded very first middle school in this remote area of Nawabshah District. He is the founder member of Green Rural Development organization. He worked as Co Editor of Sindhi Newsletter Mazdoor Jedo jahad the (Labor Struggle). Among his several achievements, one is organizing 172 KM long March for raising awareness among masses against bonded labor in 2005.
 Veeru Ms. Veru Kolhan
Mrs.Veero Kolhi a slave farm worker, after getting freedom from debt bondage in 1998. She started breaking free the other slave workers and is renowned abolitionist. The courageous lady having no education have got more than 4000 bonded workers freed She travels hundreds of kilometers to get bonded labors freed. In 2009 she was awarded with Frederic Douglas freedom award at Los Angeles by the Free the slave, she delivered a lecture at George Washington University on the issues faced by bonded slave workers in Sindh Pakistan. She sets a record of being very first released bonded person to contest provincial assembly seat in 2013 general elections. Walk Free Foundation recorded her achievement in Global Index of Slavery.
 male Ghulam Hussain
Mr. Ghulam Hussain is founding President of GRDO He is long standing peasant rights activist and human right defender. Mr. Ghulam Hussain served as General Secretary of the renowned Sindh Hari Committee a peasants right movement initiated in Sindh before Partition this committee compelled the then Sindh government to pass Sindh Tenancy Act 1950. In 1980-1990 he remained a senior member of wattan dust inqlabi party which worked for people right and played a role in the movement for resolution of democracy. Mr Hussain is well known abolitionist, Mr. Hussain supported thousands of in debited Farm & kiln workers to break free. Due to his efforts thousands of released families are rehabitated a four villages established by GRDO.
 male Aijaz Khoso
Member (Manager Finance)
 female Miss Kazbano
Observer Member
Miss Kazbano is social activist having a law degree and Master’s degree in education, she had been related to education for several years before her marriage and remained part of struggle of women’s rights and worked with GRDO as a volunteer, her contribution in GRDO’s campaign against bonded labor is marvelous.She was appointed as an observer non-voting member of board of directors under the capacity Development Program of youth leaders.
 female Ms. Sana Baloch
Observer Member
Miss Sana is having a degree communication design. Recently she contested by-elections on National Assembly seat NA-218 as an independent candidate. She had been actively taking part in social movements for women rights, child rights and against bonded labour, she had taken part in a 10 days leadership training @ Islamabad organized by Action Aid, she attended a conference on Poverty, Election and Democracy in Kathmandu Nepal in 2008. She documented a short film on child marriage which was highly applauded.She was appointed as an observer member of the board of directors under the capacity development program of youth development.
 female Miss Abida
Observer Member
Miss Abida is a young, enthusiastic nurse by profession, she belongs to a lower middle class family of Tando Muhammad khan town where she actively takes part in social activities specially organizing free medical camps in rural areas of the district. She member of Bad-e-Saba social welfare Association, which works on the rights of women and participated in many campaigns around the issues of Tando Muhammad Khan town especially the cleanliness of the town and wages of domestic workers.She was appointed as an observer non-voting member of board of directors under the capacity Development Program of youth leaders.
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