Green Rural Development Organization

Advocacy & Networking

Advocacy:-Advocacy is about creation, reform or influence to amendment of policies but also about effective implementation and enforcement of policies. Advocacy is a means to an end, another way to address the problems that organizations are aimed to solve through other programming strategies. Advocacy is the deliberate process of influencing those who make policy decision. Considering the importance, GRDO includes advocacy in each of its themes and it seems necessary to adopt advocacy tools to highlight and make matters publicly. GRDO advocates creating a discrimination free society where everyone could enjoy equal rights. GRDO advocacy campaigns focuses on socio-economic status of peasants, agricultural workers, daily wage labours and bonded labours.  GRDO also strives through launching advocacy campaigns to bring bonded labour, child labour and gender inequality to an end. Provision of quality education and adequate healthcare services to peasants and agricultural workers and freed labourers

Networking:-The term network and networking are presently widely used, not least in the NGO sector. In spite of their apparent novelty, the practice of networking is probably as old as mankind. It is well known that people everywhere and in all times take measures to capitalize on their social relations in order to deal with the challenges of life. Networking thus, is a new name for an ancient practice. Networking is a mechanism that links people and organizations that share some kind of common goal. Networking facilitates interaction between experts in different areas and promotes the sharing of ideas and information between the NGOs and the people. The networking also helps to seek issue-based information in the sectors that they are working in. It explores techniques to support community groups and enables NGOs to increase institutional capacities. Hence, GRDO while working to highlight the plight of peasants, agricultural workers, daily wage labours and bonded labours considers networking at national and international level an essential part of its struggle. So far, GRDO builds up its relations with international and national coalitions and shares its experiences, challenges and coping strategies. This approach helps to spread messages widely and attain successfully favour at national and international level on peasants and agricultural workers’ issues.

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