Green Rural Development Organization


Working With District Government

GRDO works in close collaboration of District Governments. GRDO ensured close coordination with district authorities and successfully formed ‘District Coordination Committee (DCC)’ in five following Districts;
·         District Hyderabad

·         District Tando Allahyar

·         District Matiari

·         District Tando Mohammad Khan

·         District Jamshoro
DCC Members are included i.e. Executive District Officers of Health, Education, Community Development and Social Welfare Department, Bait-ul-Mal and factory owners of Glass Bangle Industry and other civil society organizations

Advocacy on Bonded Labour

GRDO successfully launched and completed 172 kilometres on foot” Long March from Jhudo city to press club Hyderabad as part of awareness rising against bonded labour. This long march was completed in 12 days and passed through 15 towns with more a participation of more than 10,000 people.  The main objective of this march was to sensitized common masses on the issue of bonded labour and release of Manu Bheel family. GRDO theatre group performed street theatres during the march and also held village dialogues and cultural programs during the long march.

GRDO also successfully launched and completed 50 kilometres “on foot” “Long March” from Judho to Kurni press club more than 5000 people participated the march.

Institutional Development

Hari Mazdoor Tanzeem (Peasant labourer’s Organization) is a pressure group established by GRDO to help bonded labourers at gross-root level. Geographical, logistical, and financial limitations have made it hard for GRDO to reach at all places where there are issues of Bonded Labour.  In situations like this, HMT workers are available to help victimized at their door step and or in their village. This makes easy for bonded labourers to approach them. HMT tries to solve the conflict locally but reports GRDO when there is a big problem. GRDO organizes trainings on human rights, women rights, labour rights and organizational management and finance management for HMT group leaders and these trained team members of the GRDO further replicate trainings at local level with financial support of the GRDO.

In the March of 2005, GRDO also held a provincial consultative workshop on “Bonded Labour” with 250 participants from government line departments, civil society organizations, and peasant organizations attending the event and discussed the issues associated with bonded labour and solutions.

GRDO has also organized number of seminars, workshops, demonstrations, rallies, village dialogues, theatres groups on the issue of bonded labour across Sindh province.

Release and Rehabilitation of Bonded Labourers

GRDO also supported more than 28,000 persons getting their freedom from notorious places of bonded labour in districts of Sanghar, Mirpur Khas, Badin and Umerkot, Hyderabad, Tando Muhammad khan, Nawabshah, and Thatta. GRDO provided them legal, financial and moral support and also supported them in temporary shelter, travel expenses, getting legal aid through advocates and paid the court fees for their legal cases and matters.

With the continuous lobbying, GRDO finally was able to get legalised residence camp for 575 families at Sikandar Abad, Taluka Kotri of Jamshoro district and in village Mate Khan of taluka Latifabad of Hyderabad district.

Purchased 29.5 acres of land at Deh Sukhpur, UC Hoosri, Deh Widh & Deh Mori UC Tando Haider of taluka and district of Hyderabad to help provide residential plots to freed bonded labourers living in different camps.

So far, GRDO has supported more than 100 families to earn a respectful livelihood through sill development training and financial support to develop micro enterprises. GRDO has also supported more than 1000 families to get jobs for one of the family member of each family in Nooriabad Industrial Area of district Jamshoro.

Peace Building

Peace building through Sports
Under this theme 11 children from released bonded labour families of marginalized communities were sent to India to play cricket there to promote Peace between India and Pakistan. They played friendly tournaments in 10 mega cities of India and met with Prime Minister of India and also met with governors and high officials of different provinces and attended several public, social and cultural gatherings in India. World famous and renowned Bollywood star Mr. Sanjay Datt also hosted a dinner for these “Peace Cricketers”. On their arrival back to homeland, Prime Minister of Pakistan also met them. These children played a fund raising match in India in which more than Rs .1 million were donated for Tsunami affected communities.

Peace Conferences
Every year GRDO holds an “Annual Peace Conference” to address the issues of Interfaith and ethnic conflicts in Sindh.

Peace March Delhi to Multan
GRDO’s activists participated in the Peace March from Indian capital to the Multan city of Pakistan

People to people contact between conflicting countries
In year 2004, GRDO’s activists travelled to India with a group of small growers from people to people platform to promote peace in the region.

Telephonic Conferences
GRDO has organized 3 telephonic conferences of under 15 children of India and Pakistan. The children from India gathered at Lucknow, Jaipur, Rohtak and Pakistani children assembled at Office of Green Rural Development Organization (GRDO) at Hyderabad in years of 2005, 2006 and 2007.

World Social Forum 2005 Karachi
In World Social Forum at Karachi, a total of 315 activists of GRDO participated in different events.

Good Governance and Democracy

GRDO has been active in organizing demonstrations on the issue of women involvement in electoral process. GRDO thinks that women must be the part of policy making process as the legislation is of no use if it is not gender sensitized or balanced. GRDO conducts workshops on the importance of vote and holds protests against the reduction of seats for women in the National, Provincial and District Assemblies. GRDO has trained the members of 5 Union Councils on governance under “Devolution Plan”. GRDO publishes a monthly newsletter “Himmat” (Courage) that is part of GRDO’s efforts to promote good governance, democracy and labour rights.


GRDO has Established 12 non formal schools to provide basic education to the released bonded labour children and children from poor and marginalized communities, where an approximate 693 children are getting quality education.

GRD also held lobbying meetings with official of education department to take over above schools run by GRDO and declare these schools a “Government Schools”.

GRDO has always promoted the concept of “Children Friendly Schools”, and in doing this, GRDO has arranged number of exposure visits to child friendly schools exposure visits, and art classes where child assemblies were arranged to attract and get the attention of children and their parent to words education.

Most recently, GRDO has signed an agreement with Sindh Education foundation (SEF) and United Energy Pakistan Limited to open a school at village Sodho Bheel UC Nabi Sar of district Umerkot, and at village Muhammad Bux Brohi and Zawar Shahan Malookhani in district Sanghar. More than 425 students are enrolled in the schools and getting free of cost quality education.


GRDO has been instrumental in organizing awareness meetings with community members and arranged lectures on health issues, especially on preventive care, immunization, sanitation & water borne diseases. GRDO also worked and lobbied the officials of provincial health department and local government to get support for communities living in camps established by GRDO for freed bonded labour. GRDO also provides medical support to the released bonded labourers through a mobile dispensary and an ambulance service.

Gender and Women Development

GRDO considers women must be the integral part of the process of development because they are the half of the Pakistani population and no policy can be implemented without their active inclusion. GRDO organizes “Bi-Annual Women Assembly of Working Class Women”. These assemblies bring the women of far-flung areas together. This has provided them a unique platform to network themselves as working women. This network is now getting a momentum and speedily becoming a movement against the discrimination based on gender.   GRDO supports the women with this network by arranging trainings on gender sensitization and trainings on self-employment. GRDO also organizes workshops, seminars, walks and theatres on the issue of honour-killings.   GRDO undertakes awareness activities to empower women in decision making.

Youth Development

GRDO organizes leadership training camps for poor and marginalized youth and under privileged youth together to main stream the released bonded labour. GRDO has also organized cricket championship tournaments of youth groups of bonded labourers to promote healthy activities.

Agricultural Development

GRDO also started “Farmers’ Field School” (FFS) at village Sher Khan Malokhani in district Matiari to educate farmers on “Integrated Pest Management”, and “On-Farm Water Management” and “Organic Farming”. GRDO also held “Community Dialogues” with farming community on effects of excessive use of fertilizer and pesticide in farming. GRDO also organized demonstration rallies, organised workshops and seminars to aware farming community on adverse effects of GMOS and corporate farming. GRDO also launched awareness campaign on WTO agreement and its impacts on Pakistan and Sindh. GRDO also remained active part of resistance movement against mega projects on river Indus, causing acute water shortage in Indus delta which may destroy fragile bio-diversity of Indus Delta thereby seriously effecting livelihoods of fishing communities and destroying precious mangrove forests and degrading coastal areas.

Environmental Protection

GRDO has successfully mobilized people against environmental pollution created by Zeal Pak Cement Factory and drainage of industrial waste in nearby water channels. GRDO mobilized people against deforestation in Khathar Forest area, mobilized people against land degradation and pollution by OGDCL (a state owned oil and gas oil exploring company) in Tando Alam oil field in district Hyderabad. GRDO also organized number of lobbying meetings with environment protection agency officials to take up the matter at provincial level.

Fredric Douglas Freedom Award 2009


GRDO women activist received “Fredric Douglas Freedom Award” on 13th October 2009 at Los Angles, USA. GRDO activist Ms. Veero Kohli and Dr. Hyder visited United States of America on special invitation to receive the award which consisted of a Statue and 20,000 US dollars. 500 freedom fighters and activists from 26 countries around the world were nominated by different organizations but Ms. Veero secured the award globally.

Humanitarian Aid in Disaster 2010-2011

During the supper flood 2010 and disaster caused by torrential rains in 2011 GRDO with the financial assistance of Trocaire International, ICCO and philanthropist provided Food support, Cash & NFI to 1100 families in Jamshoro, Tando Muhammad khan & Umerkot Districts.

GRDO supported 15000 released bonded labourers get their Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) through lobbying with NADRA (registration authority) and respective local governments.

GRDO also mobilized more than 12000 released bonded labourers submit their applications to help them register themselves as “Registered Voters”.

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